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Says her baby is a failer and she don't want you calling [25 Mar 2004|02:02am]
[ mood | crazy ]


Me in drag??!!

Everyone come to "Psycho Beach Party" Humanities Theatre 8PM this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!

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[18 Mar 2004|01:52pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Im alive...

Just not up to writing!

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Then again it feels like some sort of inspiration to let the next life off the hook [12 Mar 2004|12:13am]
[ mood | good ]

Spring break begins now...NOW!!

I am starting to realize some stuff...and I have accomplished much...

  • My play is going soooo well...I am soooooooo nervous...in one week I will be dressing like a women everyday!!
  • I am gonna get alot of work done during the break
  • I am gonna check out internships in other cities...esp. San Francisco!!!
  • I am gonna focus on my good aspects of self and not beat myself up sooo much!!
  • that's it!


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Cut through the gravity [09 Mar 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I am sitting in the humanities computer lab after succesfully taking my Self Defense midterm...I am amazing

I am working on the mix tapes of Miss Candice and Miss Meghan..well at least there play list!

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I wish I was Stronger [09 Mar 2004|12:11am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

This is increadable

Tony-Patty Griffin

Does anyone remember Tony
A quiet boy, little over weight
He had breasts like a girl
When I wasn't too busy feeling lonely
I'd stare over his shoulder
At a map of the world
He always finished all his homework
Raised his hand in homerooom
He called the morning attendance
With the pledge alligence to the (gloom) ?

Hey Tony, what's so good about dying
He said I think I might do a little dying today
He looked in the mirror and saw
A little faggot starin back at him
Pulled out a gun and blew himself away

I hated every day of high school
It's funny, I guess you did too
Its funny how I never knew
There I was sitting right behind you
They wrote it in the local rag
Death comes to the local fag
I guess you finally stopped believing
That any hope would ever find you
Well I know that story,
I was sitting right behind you

Hey Tony, what's so good about dying
He said I think I might do a little dying today
He looked in the mirror and saw
A little faggot starin back at him
Pulled out a gun and blew himself away

Hey Tony whats so good about dying, dying
Hey Tony whats so good about dying, dying
Hey Tony, what's so good about dying
He said I think I might do a little dying today
He looked in the mirror and saw
A little faggot starin back at him
Pulled out a gun and blew himself away
Pulled out a gun and blew himself away
Pulled out a gun and blew himself away

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I still keep my watch 2 hours behind... [07 Mar 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

A bird pooped on my right ear...something HAS to happen...


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[06 Mar 2004|01:59pm]
[ mood | mildly hungover ]

Good morning Betty Ford!?!?!?

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Oh hell yeah... [02 Mar 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Evanevan_andrew16 this is for you

Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

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Make the best of what's given you [28 Feb 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | amused ]




Dr. LauraCollapse )
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And I'll be back for my things on Tuesday [28 Feb 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

DRUNK!!! Things I learned after last night...

  1. Do not make mixed drinks with Kool-aid mix!
  2. Do not drunkingly make out with equally drunk friends you have to live near in front of everyone on the floor!!
  3. Don't get drunk like whoa!!

Seriously, I just need to stop drinking and I need to stop letting little shit affect me.


</u></strong></strong></a></strong></a>foolsmarchin +  Jess </a></a>skarygirl I <3 you both!!!

The Golden Girls are Love
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We can go over it all again, talk about everything that I am doing wrong! [27 Feb 2004|06:31pm]
[ mood | curious ]

you are emo
emo. 28-33 scene points. you go to shows and act
pretentious, but that's the way we like you.

how many scene points do you have?
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That's right [26 Feb 2004|08:17pm]

No Doubt is Love.
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So true [26 Feb 2004|02:30am]
[ mood | bored ]

any love that is love is right.
francesca lia block

uh [25 Feb 2004|12:02am]
I am avoiding an emotional post!

First job: Brooklyn Public Library-Clerical Assistant
First screen name: Superstaricon2
First funeral: My mother's I usually avoid them
First pet: My dog Muffin
First piercing/tattoo: Ear/The word grace on my lower neck
First credit card: fleet visa
First kiss: I think it was Leia Jimenez...ewwww
First love: Lisa Wright (Or so I thought)
First enemy: My entire 8th grade class
First favorite musician: Elton John


Last car ride: Sunday Night with Becca
Last kiss: Anthony right
Last library book checked out: What We Keep by Elizabeth Berg
Last movie watched: the first Finding Nemo
Last beverage drank: Diet Pepsi
Last food consumed: Almond Cheesecake
Last phone call: Lauren
Last time showered: This Morning
Last CD played: Jewel This Way
Last website visited: AOL


Single or Taken: single
Sex: penis
Birthday: apr 10
Sign: aries
Siblings: 3 brothers, one sister, one step-brother, one step sister
Hair color: Bleache
Eye color: Hazel
Shoe size:12
Height: 6'1

Right now what are you...
Wearing: Drrty denim, myu teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt and my new tommy sneakers
Drinking: ginger Diet Pepsi
Thinking about: being nervous
Listening to: none

Where I was before... [23 Feb 2004|12:51am]
Leave a comment. I'll tell you why I love you. Simple enough.

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That says is all doesn't it [18 Feb 2004|12:16pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Um wow

You will be the first ninja to use daffodils as
weapons. Plus, you kick butt.

What is your Fate?
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And i'm done

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You and I are one and two [17 Feb 2004|01:16pm]
[ mood | content ]

Love does not discriminate...Why should marriage?
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Whoop it up [16 Feb 2004|11:35pm]
[ mood | content ]


Cindi bluvnllpnts is better than you!!!

Check my shit out...

BTW: Evan you're my angel!

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yes [13 Feb 2004|10:14pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Marriage is love.
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Hide [12 Feb 2004|04:25pm]
[ mood | scared ]


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when I need it most... [10 Feb 2004|02:51am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Thank You

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I just want another chance to live. [09 Feb 2004|04:34am]
[ mood | scared ]

We make decisions everyday. With the greatest of ease. We make these decisions and they change our lives. This can be painful and bad. But I can't help but feel that all the pain I've aquired is mine, I deserve it. I do. i made a decision for the wrong reasons and I now will suffer for that decision. I camt run or hide. I wsih I could. The most painful thing you know will sneak up on you...and you will dread who finds out about it.

The worst feeling is knowing people, or so you think. and second guessing it!

Cause you know they cant say you haven't been good to them or there for them. But still nothing is good enough. Everything you say they view a lie. They hold you to a place of there mnds where you are not who you are anymore. They doubt the pain you feel. They forget when they were like you. How you tried, the only way you could to be there. I know this seems aimed but it isnt its just the fear of second-guessing people I have.

All I needed was some one there, as I walk these streets alome, when Im alone. Its a hell of a long way home, and no good to be alone.

My PleaCollapse )

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Do you wanna be honest? [15 Jan 2004|01:08am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Okie so I have two VERY  important questions adn i need help

  1. My old boss called me and asked me to help him design a new line of queer themed tee's, something hip.  I definetly want to avoid whats been done and try to keep in with the high fashion tee's of late. Very queer eye. What kinds of tee's would you want to see?
  2. Also, next semester, I'm taking over a queer themed t.v. show...It's a panel show and Im not sure what Im gonna wind up doing. Its 2 hrs a week! Any suggestions would be appreaceated!!!

Sorry But I am X-Posting!!!!!!!!

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Goodbye saddness I don't need you anymore... [11 Jan 2004|05:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Stolen from Chris chriscatonic!

would really like to see these answers...

Please copy and paste your answers as a comment to this post. Then paste the questions to your own journal.

Reason for LJ user name:
Instant messenger screen name:
Reason for IM screen name:
Do you enjoy reading my LJ:
Interesting fact about you:
Weird fact about you:
Will you post this in your LJ:

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Shake it like a polaroid [02 Jan 2004|03:52pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Today is a day of great celebration as it is the birthdate of a one Mr. Jacob Wick. Quite possably one of the most important people in the history of the free world, and by free world I mean my life.

So Please Help Me In Celebrating the Life of a Mr Jacob Wick
foolsmarchin...This would look better normally but gangsta ass doesnt have a client on this comp...


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2004...the begining [01 Jan 2004|02:02pm]
[ mood | creative ]

vickymouse and I are the biggest baps EVER...

IWillHave Chosen: so what else is up
xEditTheSadPartx: nothing really. just hanging out waiting for tori to get up
IWillHave Chosen: hehehe
xEditTheSadPartx: she wanted to send a $60 cab for me last night but i wouldnt let her so i want to go see her today but she is sleeping
IWillHave Chosen: where are you that it would cost 60
xEditTheSadPartx: in midwood but cabs around here were charging double
IWillHave Chosen: gross
xEditTheSadPartx: i paid $10 for it to take me to my friends house who lives 3 blocks away
IWillHave Chosen: so gross
xEditTheSadPartx: oh yah
IWillHave Chosen: idda been like nigga pleaez u know u aint chargin a bitch 10$ to rid in you busted ass shit...I have hairs to dos and shit and then stormed off
xEditTheSadPartx: lol i should have
IWillHave Chosen: hehe
xEditTheSadPartx: but then my made up stank ass woulda been home all night
IWillHave Chosen: a bitch can walk in her fake ass Blahniks
xEditTheSadPartx: bitch DOES NOT rock fake ass Blahniks
xEditTheSadPartx: scuuuuuse YOU
IWillHave Chosen: Shit those shoes be as fake as yo hair
xEditTheSadPartx: LOL
IWillHave Chosen: mhmm
xEditTheSadPartx: bitch can't even AFFORD fake ass Blahniks
IWillHave Chosen: oh no you did not
xEditTheSadPartx: yes i did.
IWillHave Chosen: my babys daddy pay fo dat shit
xEditTheSadPartx: my babys daddy is in prison
IWillHave Chosen: dats why i gots fo babys daddys
xEditTheSadPartx: mmm yeah good idea, i'm going to go get knocked up right now. wow, 2004 is looking up already

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And this is further proof...I am amazing [01 Jan 2004|10:28am]
[ mood | crazy ]

You and your Lj are in love. Thoughts of Lj
consume your mind when you are apart. The
grass has never been greener, and life has
never been so wonderful! Everything reminds you
of Lj, Lj understands everything you feel and
Lj is your best friend.

What is the relationship between you and your Lj?
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Searchin for the boy I was... [01 Jan 2004|03:29am]
Maybe this year has a chance after all

A begining and a close... [31 Dec 2003|06:37pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

So I sit here on my 4th alcholoiic consumable of the evening and I say Happy Days are Here Again...I hope...

Happy New Year...lets make this one count!!!


And you're Mary Tyler Moore [31 Dec 2003|02:46pm]
[ mood | happy ]

For Harim harim...

Boy Next Door - Your ideal guy is the brotherly and
huggable boy next door. He's always around,
knows you better than anyone, and loves to
cuddle. He's not neccessarily attractive to
most, but something about him makes him
charming and adorable in your eyes.
Turn ons: One word - cute. He gets you teddy bears
and kisses your forehead, loves hand holding
and telling you that he loves you.
Turn offs: He'll screw up somewhere down the line -
but we all make mistakes. Forgive him, because
all he can do is learn from it and love you all
the more!

What is your ideal type of guy? (With Pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

Also in Colleg news...remember the boy who thought he'd fail @ life...Here are his grades.

Culture and Society in the West-A+
College Writing-B (this actually should be higher but whateve)
Sociology of Gender-B- (My favorite class!!!)
Intro to Women's Studies B+ (I <3 Karen Burstein)

I am awesome...TAKE THAT Claire E Henry (Lil Miss I beat Purchase...HA!)

I am done

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