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Everybody's got a little child inside still looking for love

So yesterday I saw Hairspray again which left me feeling exactly the way it did the first time....OVERJOYED! First, it's a musical, which automatically makes me happy. Also, it's the story of the "fat girl" getting prince charming. I feel this connection to Tracy Turnblad, like in a weird way. I think no matter how much weight I gain or lose i will always feel that connection to the strong fierce fat girl and to the scared insecure fat kid I was. The show TOTALLY reenforces all the positivity I need to keep in my head.

So yeah, a billion hugs and thanks to AJ georgiajay for taking me...

So tomorrow is my oldest friends wedding. Lisa, definetly one of my best and closest friends is getting married and it feels like the end of a chapter. The good ole days are now behind us. This is also the beginning of what i think will be a new role for me. The faithful hand maiden: Always the bridesmaid never the bride. I know I know at 19 marriage is far from an issue, and I am NOT looking to get married...but seriously a lot of my near and dear friends have acquired these VERY ADULT relationships:

paul(My harvey milk best friend) and his partner have baught a condo together
Candice_hjarta and jake have been together for like 2+ years
and so on...

It's just that my record is 3 months and it's totally putting things is a new perspective.

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