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You dom't where you belong

I bought these and they are the best thign to happen to me in a LONG TIME!

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Oh. My. GOD. I want to fill them with champagne and drown myself in them. Oh yes, that's a good thing.
that's some hot shit, man!

oh god...you, me, and leila are going to be the biggest nerds if we're all wearing the same shoes at the same time...except for the fact that leila and i didn't go completely gay and get the pink ones ;o)


Just to let you know that we're still up and running :)
You failed to mention who was with you when you bought those gorgeous shoes...also, who held the shoe box when you put them on in the middle of the sidewalk...UH HUH...
The show is over Sunday...thank god...We can hang out whenver you want to....
Love, AJ