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Put music on shuffle.
Look at the first 20 songs.
Pick a lyric from that song.
Make people guess.

1 : Well here we are again I guess it must be faith...

2; I've been the king/i've been the clown...The Jester with the broken crown/It won't be me this time around

3: I gotta question mark/you gotta need to always take some shot in the dark.

4; And he go out playing nickel slots cause he knew he'd lose/She didn't so she couldn't choose.

5: As you willingly surrender to be my darling at last.

6: It seems so strange/As a stranger lost inide of you

7: Take a look at my body/Look at my hands/there's so much here I don't understand.

8: our lives have come between us/Still I know you just don't care...as i recall/I think we both kinda liked it

9: There are worse ways for a guy to sit and spend his time...Just your smile leaves me satisfied/but you're not mine

10: A barefoot afternoon/oh what's a girl to do/Sunday eyes/am I losing you?

11: On rides with your eyes closed...with your eyes opened wide/Shabby tried to comb her hair with the gift from her grandma

12: I see your smokey eyes, right across the way/I've seen that look before shining from star to star/Though I can't take that chance

13: Everything was closed in coney island/i could not help from smiling

14: I didn't choose you and you didn't choose me/I didn't you who would guess were from the same family

15. i don't really know what I'm doing/Watching my self in some play/And the actress looks like she wants to go home and lie in a bed all day

16. All too often my dreams went sailing by/A chance at freedom, a chance of fate, a chance I'll have to take.

17. You'll look at me/And you will know our love was meant to be

18: If I had just one moment at your expense/Maybe all of my misery would be well spent

19. There would be psalms sung by a choir/I would have a white robe, a halo newly acquired/I'd have no desire

20. Guess I got what I deserved/Kept you waiting there my love
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