__arthur (superstaricon) wrote,

Today was good...early b-day love from laura twistedskyye

I mapped out my next semester (i hope)

Intro to Sociology-monday thurday
Begining Spanish-monday thurday
Spanish Lab-Wednesady
Ain't I A Women-tuesday friday
Intro to U.S. Politics-tuesday friday

Opening credits:Patty Griffin "Goodbye"
Waking up:Joan Osbourne "Right Hand Man"
Average day:Joni Mitchell "All I Really Want"
First date:Melissa Etheridge "Please Forgive Me"
Falling in love:Lisa Loeb "Falling in love"
Love scene:Maroon 5 "this love"
Fight scene:The Faint "Agenda Suicide"
Breaking up:Nanci Griffith "Not My Way Home"
Getting back together:Melissa Etheridge "How Would I Know"
Secret love:Bette Midler "The Perfect Kiss"
Life's okay:Ida "This Water"
Mental breakdown:P!nk "My Vietnam"
Driving:Ida "Shoe-in"
Learning a lesson:Yeah yeah yeah's "Maps"
Deep thought:Madonna "Nothing Fails"
Flashback:Natalie Merchant "How you've grown"
Partying:Britney Spears "Toxic"
Happy dance:Nina Gordon "Now I Can Die"
Regreting:Alanis Morrisette "Unsent"
Long night alone:Patty Griffin "Nobody's Crying"
Death scene:Kim Richey "Keep Me"
Closing credits:The Postal Service "We Become Shilloettes"

Your Life: The Soundtrack brought to you by BZOINK!
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